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Gwen Leaffe has been described as “relentless,” a “force of nature,” “multi-faceted” and “multi- talented.” As a singer and songwriter, she has been relentless in pursuit of excellence both live and in the recording studio since beginning her career at age 16.


Educated at world-renowned Interlocken Arts Academy and The Art Institute of Chicago, her voice and her lyrics have been informed by her American Indian heritage and her lifelong fight for social justice. Her multi-faceted voice with its uncommon range brings more than enough power to an R&B or uptempo jazz tune and yet adds nuance, an almost angelic subtlety, and new meaning to her own compositions as well as songs like Leon Russell’s “Song For You” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.”


Her lyrics are at once ear-pleasing and thought-provoking; she has an ear for melodies that draw the listener in and complement her voice in a unique and engaging way. She is a mesmerizing and highly entertaining live performer who can quiet a room with insights drawn from her singular and unusual life, lift spirits with inspiration and get the laughter started and keep it going with her gift for intelligent humor.


Whether powering a social justice musical program or simply singing songs – in French and Portuguese as well as English - that you want to hear, Gwen Leaffe always makes you glad you listened

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